weekend links

We had our first snow in Philly this week and while it lasted only a few days, it was so beautiful. I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors, working my tail off on projects that will finish up this month and next. I love that I can stay inside and bundle up with some reality TV and a cup of coffee and get some things off my plate. Here are some of things I’ve been inspired by this week and if you find yourself indoors, too, check them out! Before you know it, you’ll be making something, too.

Ryan Sims’ Practice Makes Pixel Perfect  a little slow, but the content is really really good. you’ll walk away with a new understanding of “practice”

Typographia’s Favorite Typefaces of 2011   all the fonts your heart desires (for 2011, that is)

Net Magazine’s Die A Designer: 10 steps to a long career   basics that any designer and creative should follow

Have a great weekend!