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It’s finally here: Philly Startup Weekend!

I’m so excited to participate in the Philadelphia Startup Weekend starting tonight and it’s sure to be a pretty crazy ride. I hope to take lots of pictures, lots of notes and show you the outcome of 3 long days of work, next week. Hopefully my team will come out with the winning idea!

What is Startup Weekend you ask? Here’s a little glimpse:

Great Design: Balsam Studio

I found the work of Balsam Studio on Graphic Exchange, but it was looking at their website that won me over. You can’t see it in my screen grabs, but the website moves smoothly through their portfolio and information and I love the subtle details they’ve made including the lines and grids that remind me of my Swiss design upbringing. View their full site for the full effect.

Remade In Switzerland

Thank you to Casey Carmell for introducing me to Remade In Switzerland. A beautifully designed site with specialty army apparel clothes, Remade in Switzerland was founded when Christopher Raeburn found a surplus of stock from the war and deconstructed it, creating a whole new line of beautifully crafted clothing and apparel.

“Ræburn returned to his London studio armed with samples of the surplus stock and began the process of deconstruction. By taking apart the existing garments, he found inspiration and ideas to create new ones, re-imagining unexpected uses for the old and challenging the concept of what is considered new. A rare find was a box of horseshoe nails that became the symbol of the project for Ræburn. He challenged Victorinox to recast that nail into scales for an Original Swiss Army Knife to complement the project. The nail also inspired a print used for linings and other graphic treatments.”

Explore more the well designed brand, culture and philosophy of Remade in Switzerland here.

Grand People

I’m really enjoying the work and website of creatives Grand People. Smart and simple, the website easy to navigate and stunningly created, and I can’t get enough of the full bleed pictures. See more of their work and enjoy their site here.


I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had this site! Wordmark.it, created by freelance designer Fahri Özkaramanlı, is a tool to quickly view a word in all the fonts loaded on your computer. I thought it may take a while to load, but it surprisingly populated really quickly, leaving me time to peruse the terrible fonts I forgot I had loaded on my laptop. Check it out for yourself at Wordmark.it.

via HOW

2010 Merry Newsinator

{ now with a plethora of layout options! }

I used the Merry Newsinator last Christmas and it’s back for 2010, new and improved! With new layouts, more fill-in blanks and a snazzy new site, the 2010 Merry Newsinator is a dream come true for all those procrastinators that need a quick holiday card fix. They also make it easy to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Email or to print it out so that everyone can get up to speed on the new things in your life. Procrastinators rejoice and make your own newsletter, here!


If only I had an iPad to start using this app! I love that flipboard wants to make the web and especially our feeds read like magazines and print with an attention to type, space and photography. Read more about the flipboard and download it in the app store so that I can live vicariously through you.

Timo Weiland

Amazing website design for designer Timo Weiland. Graphic, interactive, and honestly just unexpected, I like how the aesthetic plays with his fashion designs. See the site live here and the identity work for his brand on Design Work Life.

La Graphic Design

I’ve been really inspired by the work of Anne Strandfelt and Lizet Hee Olesen of Denmark design studio, La Graphic Design. Their fashion, publishing and identity work is worth the visit to their site, so see more of their work here or a few more of my favorites after the break.

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