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video // Ted Leonhardt: Fit In, Stand Out, Stand Apart

This Creative Mornings Seattle talk really has me creatively caffeinated this Monday morning. Great information about standing up for your experience and your brand by Ted Leonhardt.

video: Work & Play

This beautiful video by Matt Delbridge brings me back to what I love most about design: good work.

The Deep

Thank you to Kelly Dorsey for sending me a link to this crazy beautiful video. I’m in awe…

Ashley & David’s 8mm wedding film

I’ve always wanted an 8mm film to capture my wedding day, and after seeing Ashley and David Miller’s, I’m even more in love.  Isn’t the bride just gorgeous??

video by Jon Ball

Know Your Design History

One thing I wish I had paid more attention to in college was design history. I appreciate the knowledge much more now that I’m out of school and have been brushing up on my design prowess with the MFA Designer As Auther Paul Rand Lectures from the School of Visual Arts. I now understand how important it is to learn the foundation before building on it and I wish I had known to pay more attention instead of looking at blogs and iChatting in class (oops, did I just say that?).

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video: How To Avoid the Idea Generation Trap

A great talk from Scott Belsky during the 99% Conference about overcoming the “New Idea” hump. I’m now very inspired to finish the pile of half-finished ideas with these steps. Brilliant!

Ira Glass: Push Through It

A fantastic video from Ira Glass about pushing through your worst work to get to the good stuff. A nice little motivator for the 3 day weekend ahead. See parts one, two and four on youtube as well.

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ADC Young Guns: How did you get here?

I always love to hear what it took for a designer to get to where they are today. “To celebrate our ADC Young Guns 9 call for entries, the ADC is interviewing 10 past winners about how they got to where they are today.” Truly inspiring.

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Emily Cohen: Helping you design your business

There is so much dreariness outside today, I knew I’d be listening to a Creative Morning talk to brighten it up a bit. I couldn’t have asked for a better video to pick than Emily Cohen’s talk about business, startups, running a successful design company, contract tips and letting us know that “a fish stinks from the head down.” Truly worth watching no matter what kind of creative you are.

You’re never too old for a birthday party!

I’m getting ready to turn 26 next month and while talking to my friend Clarissa, we’ve decided that you’re never too old for a birthday party. I spent way too long last night designing invitations and gathering inspiration like this Ban.do party to get the ideas flowing. I also love their birthday video by Shark Pig, shown below. Lots of color, paper and cocktails and you can’t go wrong.

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