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sneak peek and happy friday!

It’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to getting ahead on my to-do list this weekend! Here’s a snippet of the letters I’ve been working on from the hand-drawn type class I took with Ken Barber of House Industries last weekend. I’ll be sharing more next week. In the meantime, happy Friday!

musical inspiration

While in Baltimore this past weekend, I was waiting for the shuttle and the wind blew a sheet of music to my feet. As my fiancé looked at me like a crazy person, I picked it up and was infatuated with the colors, texture of the yellowed paper, the handwritten name at the top and the irony that it was from Philadelphia. I folded it up and stuck in my purse and it now is pinned to my inspiration board. I love finding this kind of inspiration in random places. A great find to inspire my week!

Lovely Type: Yes, Please!

I’ll take swirly script type any day. Just beautiful!

via cubicle refugee

Great work: Anna Garforth Art Installations

These projects from Anna Garforth have me inspired to get my hands dirty.

“With a strong background in design and illustration, her nifty fingers work moss into beautiful lettering, cookie dough into edible posters and rubbish into typographic wonder.”

Her site is full of her hands-on works and sure to have you baking, gardening and taping in no time!

Wear your type

An intriguing way to wear your type. Available for $38 from Little Red Lantern.

Welcome to the internet

What a great landing page for the Ace Hotel internet hub in NY. It fits so well with their kickass identity system.

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Darren Booth

I fell in love with Darren Booth’s work when I saw his book cover for Steve Martin’s book, An Object Of Beauty. I love how each piece of his work comes to life because of the layering of collage and paint. I like to try to decipher what stroke or piece of cut material was placed first. And I think his Valentine is perfect for today. Happy Vday!

5 Ingredient Fix: cookbook of my dreams

The newest addition to my cookbook collection has also become my latest design inspiration. The 5 Ingredient Fix stylistically surprised me, and I was in cook and design heaven as I flipped through the rich, refined pages. There are subtle backdrops of color to each recipe and illustrations like the cow shown above, reminiscent of the Joy of Cooking cookbook my mom used to use. The cover was what really pulled me in, though. There was originally a glossy cover that was most likely created to apease the Food Network, but the hard cover was what sealed the deal. And to answer your question, yes. I purchase books based on their cover.

The one thing I think most cookbooks lack is an attention to the basic design details like typography. Focus is spent on the photography or styling and not too often the written recipe. I love the subtle color choices with the use of well placed fonts and subtle swirls. I really can’t wait to start cooking some of these.

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Klas Ernflo: Short Story Poster

I love this poster from designer Klas Ernflo. A beautiful solution for creating an image for a short story. It’s one of those “oh, duh” moments we often have when trying to find a solution. Winsomely done.

via it’s nice that

You can’t rely…

White type, handwritten script and a moving quote = my bliss. Love this.

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