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video // Ted Leonhardt: Fit In, Stand Out, Stand Apart

This Creative Mornings Seattle talk really has me creatively caffeinated this Monday morning. Great information about standing up for your experience and your brand by Ted Leonhardt.

how Workflowy saved my productivity

I’ve had a lot of projects and exciting ventures come up lately, but when I got home from work, I find that I’m usually too overwhelmed by the amount on my plate to start anything at all. The satisfaction of finishing something was impossible. My projects were pushed to the weekend, and I could only finish one or half of one at a time.

I soon found the answer to my conundrum: breaking a large project into many small steps. It seemed simple, but the written list still looked overwhelming and how was I supposed to keep track of the list itself, especially when we’re talking about putting a design for our wedding invitations together! (I think that might just be a designers worst nightmare… )

And then I found Workflowy. My savior. A to-do list for the overwhelmed like me, Workflowy offers tiers of lists to keep your work moving, one step at a time. They shrink and expand based on a project, so you’re staring at a huge list of to-dos, but able to focus on each step, per project. It has helped me so much in taking small steps during the week and moving closer to my goals. I highly recommend giving it a try! It’s saved my productivity for sure.

the burden of giving a shit

{ type via Friends of Type }

Oh the burden of caring for your craft. It’s a curse and a gift. A gift worth sharing. After listening to Frank Chimero’s talk at the Do Conference, the quote “We do things the long, hard, stupid way” has stuck with me. It’s a fantastic feeling that I get to work hard, I love to do and finish things the long, hard, stupid way. Don’t let anyone tell you “just get it done.”

So blast a little music and let’s make some great shit. Happy Friday!

a cup of coffee and good company

I’ve decided to take the GOOD health challenge for October and take time to thoroughly appreciate the little things and the hard work I’ve put in for the last few months. Last week I celebrated National Coffee Day with my new Philly friend, Lindsey Buck, and I spent the evening with a cup of joe and good conversation, leaving empowered and with the biggest smile on my face. I so often take for granted these moments of peace and just sitting and enjoying a nice night in a cafe or restaurant and taking time to breathe. It feels so great to breathe. I think October is the perfect month to take time like this for yourself, especially when the holidays are fast approaching! What are you going to do for yourself today?


weekend reading

There have been a lot of great articles floating around the internet this week and I thought I’d share a few of the ones that I found very much worth reading. This cold weather has me curling up with a cup of coffee and my books and my instapaper when I’m on the go. It’s the perfect time to catch up on reading!

Have a great weekend!

Get to work! My Action Journal

I always carry a notebook around because my head can never keep track of the 1,000 directions it seems to go, especially when meeting with friends or clients. When I whip out my Action Journal from Behance, I always get asked where I bought it, because it’s not only the perfect size for sketching and sticking in your purse, it has a check-mark list on the right side for putting your ideas into motion. So here is my pride and joy (the light blue version) and my Action Method for getting things done!

You can purchase the Action Journal for $17.50, along with many other Action Method products like Action Pads, Cards and Books. Now get to work!

photos via behance

ADC Young Guns: How did you get here?

I always love to hear what it took for a designer to get to where they are today. “To celebrate our ADC Young Guns 9 call for entries, the ADC is interviewing 10 past winners about how they got to where they are today.” Truly inspiring.

Continue reading »

quote: Making Things Happen

I really liked this quote and when I followed the link to Making Things Happen, I was also intrigued by their site. Making Things Happen is completely devoted to being your guidance for reaching personal and business goals. For some it might be too much, but for others, the weekly challenges, checkins and motivational quotes can help you achieve what you’ve always wanted to. It’s the little boost many of us need. So, what is it that you’ll start today and be glad you did a year from now?

Must Read: How To Steal Like An Artist

I know that this has been circling the internet, but I still wanted to share it in case you hadn’t seen it. A great article, How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me) is the perfect read for both students and professionals alike. Based on a talk by Austin Kleon for Broome Community College, it’s a great resource for motivation and understanding of how you get to where you want to be. Make you sure take a second to read it. It’s definitely worth your time!

Start Something That Matters: TOMS blog

I came across the blog of Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes and had to share. I strongly believe that talent can only bring you so far and that passion is what can drive your desire, happiness and success. I love what Blake speaks about in this snippet from his post about what makes a great employee:

“If you’re following a set path, it makes sense to hire people that have seen-and-done what you’re trying to do; but with new and innovative ideas, there is no “right way” of doing things, and when the path to success is unclear, the worst thing that you can have are preconceived notions.

When I was first starting TOMS, I pitched the idea to a college professor who said that I would need a million dollars to get the company off the ground. I spoke with veterans in the shoe industry that saw every reason why the idea would fail. “The math just doesn’t work” they would say, or “the retail business is dying,” or “there’s no market for canvas slip-ons,” and on and on. At the time, TOMS was comprised of myself, a few duffel bags of samples, a polo instructor pretending to be a shoemaker, and a handful of interns that I hired off of Craigslist. The idea was crazy… but my interns didn’t know that.  All they knew was that we were having fun, and that with a little creativity and resourcefulness, we could accomplish just about anything.”

Read more of What Makes A Great Employee and even more on Starting Something That Matters.

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