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on the hunt: unique iphone cases

There’s nothing like a new case to make you feel new again and so I am on the hunt for some unique ones. Here are some I’ve found to freshen up for 2012.

1. roandco  //  2. jcrew  //  3. agent18 slimshield  // 4. belkin wood grain  //  5. jack spade  //  6. cabana stripe
7. corteo  //  8. tree rings  // 9. jack spade

color pop

My obsession with neon lately has spilled over into many projects, including our wedding. When I came upon CSA Flat File, a project by CSA Images, I fell in love with the color pops from 20+ years ago. A vibrant addition to a very dreary day in Philly.

the burden of giving a shit

{ type via Friends of Type }

Oh the burden of caring for your craft. It’s a curse and a gift. A gift worth sharing. After listening to Frank Chimero’s talk at the Do Conference, the quote “We do things the long, hard, stupid way” has stuck with me. It’s a fantastic feeling that I get to work hard, I love to do and finish things the long, hard, stupid way. Don’t let anyone tell you “just get it done.”

So blast a little music and let’s make some great shit. Happy Friday!

rain, rain

The forecast for the next week or so? Rain. I guess it’s time to embrace it and get out my umbrella and rainboots!

illustration by Matheus Lopes

Art in the Age Postcards

While attending the Cheese and Honey Festival at Terrain last weekend, I finally got a chance to try Rhuby, the fantastic Philly liquor from Art in the Age. While sipping the 80 proof spirit, I picked up the postcard for Rhuby as well as postcards for Root and Snap, the other liquors they offer. They were little works of art and I loved them so much they’re now hanging on my fridge. They’ve left me inspired to pick up my paintbrush again. I love watercolor and ink drawings and the calligraphy for “Stalk Up” is so stunning. You can visit Art in the Age for more pictures, videos, cocktail recipes and to purchase the delicious spirits.

nice work: Janet Hill Studio

I love this work from painter Janet Hill. Delicate and sweet, these could brighten up any space.

blog to love: Note To Self

I’m really loving designer Sarah Tolzmann‘s blog, Note to Self. Her roundups like the one above are so sweet and I love her tiny details. After finding her portfolio, I had to share to adorable About Me section photos, as well. They’re a perfect match to her style and I love how she created black and white illustrations to tie them all together.

Keep up the great work, Sarah!

Yumi’s Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet

I’ve been trying all kinds of new veggies this summer with my CSA from Bird’s Haven Farms and I’ve been learning about new ways of cooking the familiar veggies I love.This quick Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet is great for when I can’t remember how long Bok Choy takes to steam or how the hell you know when an artichoke is done. Plus, it’s just plain adorable. View the full version on Yumi’s site and get cookin’!

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Great Work: Allison Colpoys, book designer

I love this interview with Penguin book designer Allison Colpoys on The Design Files. Her work is lively and full of movement and texture and I love the splatter insert pages for her Wild Food book design. The pop of aqua with the deep purple is a surprisingly perfect combination!

I’ve been seeing her Amazing Face design all over the internet and it’s what made me take a second look at her other book designs. Each piece has her artistic painted and hand-illustrated flair. See more of her work on The Design Files and make sure to read her interview!

Leah Duncan

I love this Outer Space Tea Towel from illustrator Leah Duncan. I also love her simple packaging that shows off her illustrations and style.

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