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purple & yellow

Love this color combination. And also wishing I could wear sandals right about now…

photo via 9-to-5 chic

vintage vogue

How classy and sophisticatedly sexy are these Vintage Vogue women? I’m fascinated with how far fashion has come, how much of it is returning, and how much I want to be like these ravishing ladies. Very different from the ’80s and ’90s fashion I grew up with…

a well dressed man: Joseph Gordon Levitt

There’s nothing sexier than a well-dressed man. Well, he should smell good, too. I love Joseph Gordon Levitt’s style, especially in these shots.

photo 1 / photo 2

CSCA: RoAndCo Studio

Meredith and I are giddy about hosting Roanne Adams of RoAndCo this month for CSCA. Her work is fantastic, clean, simple and commanding and I can’t wait to meet her in person. RoAndCo designs for the fashion industry with clients such as American Eagle, Nike, Refinery29, Steven Alan, and Timo Weiland and has gotten her tremendous accolades, including Print Magazine’s Top 20 Under 30 Award.

You can view more of her work on her site and if you’re in the area, come to Knowlton Hall, OSU, July 21st at 6:30pm to hear her speak about her life, work and her love of fashion.

Shop: The Harbinger Co.

The Harbinger Co. has me doing some pre-weekend shopping. I’m a big fan of the mustache ring and other delicately cut jewelry pieces. It’s a great mind break this Friday afternoon!

Waldemar Hansson Photography

I love this shoot by photographer Waldemar Hansson called Pont Alexandre. The effects on the photos look like you’re peering through a blue crystal and give it such a romantic yet haunting feel. Just beautiful.

Wear your type

An intriguing way to wear your type. Available for $38 from Little Red Lantern.

Remade In Switzerland

Thank you to Casey Carmell for introducing me to Remade In Switzerland. A beautifully designed site with specialty army apparel clothes, Remade in Switzerland was founded when Christopher Raeburn found a surplus of stock from the war and deconstructed it, creating a whole new line of beautifully crafted clothing and apparel.

“Ræburn returned to his London studio armed with samples of the surplus stock and began the process of deconstruction. By taking apart the existing garments, he found inspiration and ideas to create new ones, re-imagining unexpected uses for the old and challenging the concept of what is considered new. A rare find was a box of horseshoe nails that became the symbol of the project for Ræburn. He challenged Victorinox to recast that nail into scales for an Original Swiss Army Knife to complement the project. The nail also inspired a print used for linings and other graphic treatments.”

Explore more the well designed brand, culture and philosophy of Remade in Switzerland here.

Leifsdottir Shoe Envy

I’m fawning for the spring photography, styling and shoes of Leifsdottir. It makes me crave the green of spring (and also to shop for some new shoes…).

Zooey in Black & White

Love these photos of Zooey Deschanel. Found in thecatsmeow48’s Flickr stream, I wish I knew who to credit for taking them! I love the styling and authenticity to the era, especially the one on the bottom right. Look at those eyes! See more great fashion shots in the same Flickr feed, here.

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