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color play

Love this color palette and necklace from Favor Jewelry.

seeing red

Since I didn’t finish week 2 of Allie’s phone photo challenge, I’m now seeing red all over the place and the pictures I should have taken. This is a photo of the inside of the giant umbrella in our lobby at Anthropologie. I’m very ready for the color grey next week, though, don’t worry.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

color washed table settings

I’m dying over these food illustration photographs from Dietlind Wolf. Her photography was already mesmerizing but to add the splashes of watercolor as table settings has me drooling.

via miss design

purple & yellow

Love this color combination. And also wishing I could wear sandals right about now…

photo via 9-to-5 chic

color pop

My obsession with neon lately has spilled over into many projects, including our wedding. When I came upon CSA Flat File, a project by CSA Images, I fell in love with the color pops from 20+ years ago. A vibrant addition to a very dreary day in Philly.

rain, rain

The forecast for the next week or so? Rain. I guess it’s time to embrace it and get out my umbrella and rainboots!

illustration by Matheus Lopes

Collections & Exchanges

I love these simple and beautifully curated collections and exchanges by the Vamoose. She documents her personal work as well as work in progress, trades and exchanges with other artists and even her materials. I can’t get enough of them.

I always find it hard to get life together after a long holiday weekend. These past four days have been great, but so busy! So this weekend is all about organizing, grocery shopping and even some wedding planning. Happy Friday!

musical inspiration

While in Baltimore this past weekend, I was waiting for the shuttle and the wind blew a sheet of music to my feet. As my fiancé looked at me like a crazy person, I picked it up and was infatuated with the colors, texture of the yellowed paper, the handwritten name at the top and the irony that it was from Philadelphia. I folded it up and stuck in my purse and it now is pinned to my inspiration board. I love finding this kind of inspiration in random places. A great find to inspire my week!

You can never be too bright

{ bouquet, painting by maya hayuk }

I came across these hot pink, orange and yellow pieces and fell in love. If you can’t already tell, I’m not afraid of color and I stand by my theory that you can never have too much or be too bright!

Blog to love: Here’s Looking At Hue

I’m loving Here’s Looking At Hue and find myself wandering through their color spectrum finding inspiration in places I didn’t expect. You can sort by color or scroll through the rainbow and I love the lazy load (which I don’t normally like!). A wonderful, growing collection sure to inspire some color in your life.

via miss moss

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