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pantone chip slips

To help with any Monday frustration from your messy pile of Pantone chips, may I suggest the Chip Slip. You’re silly not to get some.

stash camera bags

Of course the first thing I do after I buy a camera is look for a cute camera bag. While searching, I came across Stash and absolutely loved their range of techy bags and ipod, ipad and computer bags and holders. With a hint of vintage, these are definitely show-stoppers.

the best headphones ever

I love my headphones. I did an intensive search 4 years ago for the prefect pair and I still have that same pair today. I thought I’d share because since you can’t miss them, a lot of people ask where I got them. So here they are!

The Panasonic Monitor Stereo Headphones have lasted me 4+ long years and I use them almost daily. I have the green ones and when they wear out, I’m absolutely buying another pair. The perks: they cup your entire ear so that it doesn’t smash it, the top headpiece barely touches your head, the ear pieces are adjustable and stay there, and finally they look awesome and have great sound. (and you can purchase them on amazon for less than half the price, so why not do it??) And no, I’m not getting paid to promote these. I just love them that much!

get organized: a daily planner

I would be lost without my Action Journal, but I seem to be missing the calendar aspect of my notebook lately. To remedy it, I’ve been looking for a sleek time keeper and I love these 2012 Planners from Julia Kostreva. So colorful and simple! It’d make scheduling meetings and timelines so much easier.

on the hunt: unique iphone cases

There’s nothing like a new case to make you feel new again and so I am on the hunt for some unique ones. Here are some I’ve found to freshen up for 2012.

1. roandco  //  2. jcrew  //  3. agent18 slimshield  // 4. belkin wood grain  //  5. jack spade  //  6. cabana stripe
7. corteo  //  8. tree rings  // 9. jack spade

Graphic Airport Runways

I love these Airport Runway posters from Jerome Daksiewicz of Nomo Design in Chicago. There’s just something about everyday things turned graphic like this that really interests me. You can purchase prints of 7 different airports in his store, here.

3ply Studio

You might remember my sister, Kelly, from her wedding that I posted last year, but have I told you yet how talented she is? An Interior Designer by day, Kelly has also created these delicately detailed threaded works and opened her own studio, 3ply. The overlapping strings are placed strategically, but intuitively, making each individual piece unique. I have fallen in love with her Ohio print and of course, the S!

You can purchase or order your own custom design (like your state, full name or a set of initials!) in her Etsy shop, 3ply. I couldn’t be more proud! :)

wearing my initials

I’ve become a collector of the letter S, even more so now that my name will be Sharon Schueller as of August next year. I have a growing group of wooden type, signage, metal and plastic letter S’s, but realized I don’t have any jewelry. These sweet little charms by Christina Kober are the perfect match.

Indie iPhone Cases

I’m always on the hunt for a good iPhone case. Indie Cases fills my need for change offering 4 different iPhone covers each week by different artists. The cases are only offered for a limited time, however, so you have to jump on them when you can! What a great idea (and affordable, too!).

via design crush

Shop: The Harbinger Co.

The Harbinger Co. has me doing some pre-weekend shopping. I’m a big fan of the mustache ring and other delicately cut jewelry pieces. It’s a great mind break this Friday afternoon!

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