Remade In Switzerland

Thank you to Casey Carmell for introducing me to Remade In Switzerland. A beautifully designed site with specialty army apparel clothes, Remade in Switzerland was founded when Christopher Raeburn found a surplus of stock from the war and deconstructed it, creating a whole new line of beautifully crafted clothing and apparel.

“Ræburn returned to his London studio armed with samples of the surplus stock and began the process of deconstruction. By taking apart the existing garments, he found inspiration and ideas to create new ones, re-imagining unexpected uses for the old and challenging the concept of what is considered new. A rare find was a box of horseshoe nails that became the symbol of the project for Ræburn. He challenged Victorinox to recast that nail into scales for an Original Swiss Army Knife to complement the project. The nail also inspired a print used for linings and other graphic treatments.”

Explore more the well designed brand, culture and philosophy of Remade in Switzerland here.