picking the right hills

“Lightning rarely strikes. Instead, achievement is often the result of stepwise progress, of doing something increasingly difficult until you get the result you seek.”

“The craft of your career comes in picking the right hills. Hills just challenging enough that you can barely make it over. A series of hills becomes a mountain, and a series of mountains is a career.”

When I read Seth Godin’s post about An Endless Series of Difficult But Achievable Hills, I just had to share it. A quick, but powerful read, this post sums up how I feel about the progress of my career in the last four years and how I try to make it continue to grow. It’s been difficult, sometimes overwhelming, but I’ve taken risks and they’ve paid off so far. All you can do is keep climbing!


nice work: Sean Brannan

I’m in looooove with these paper strip collages by Sean Brannon. The textures and layering of the colors has me struggling to find which piece I love best. I also love that you can flip it in any direction and see new things each time.

a week of white

Allie’s Phone Photo Challenge already has me viewing my world in a new way. Here are my submissions for week 1, the focus on the color white. I’ve enjoyed taking the time on my walks around the city, my house and my work to take a look around and notice the details. I’m really looking forward to next Monday’s challenge, the color red.

Startup Weekend 2012

I was first introduced to Startup Weekend by my friend, Melissa, who proposed and created an app called Hang Plan in a single weekend with a group of developers last year. I’m not going to miss my chance to participate in the Philadelphia in April! Startup Weekend is held all over the country, and is a 54 hour work session to create an app, program or website in a single weekend. There’s nothing quite like getting a large group of creative and entrepreneurial folks in one room and I’m so looking forward to the chance to launch something great.

You can still sign-up for the Philadelphia Startup Weekend in April or you can find one in your own city through their site.

Allie’s iPhone Photo Challenge

My good friend Allie is holding an Phone Photo Challenge as one of many challenges she’s had over the last few months. I think it’s about time I participate, especially when I have no excuse since my iphone is with me 24/7, so I’ll be submitting and sharing my photos here and on Allie’s blog.

The first set of 4 photos are due Sunday night, so you still have time to participate, too! It should be a really good challenge. Head over to Allie’s blog Show & Tell to get the details and how to enter. Good luck!

new work: anthropologie february

I’m really proud of one of the projects I’ve been working on for Anthropologie this month: the new February look and feel and the homepage and landings on the site. I worked on a team of 4 to develop the look and feel and then implemented it throughout the site. I’m really proud of how everything turned out! See it live for another week or so on the Anthropologie site.

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The Deep

Thank you to Kelly Dorsey for sending me a link to this crazy beautiful video. I’m in awe…

get organized: a daily planner

I would be lost without my Action Journal, but I seem to be missing the calendar aspect of my notebook lately. To remedy it, I’ve been looking for a sleek time keeper and I love these 2012 Planners from Julia Kostreva. So colorful and simple! It’d make scheduling meetings and timelines so much easier.

weekend links

We had our first snow in Philly this week and while it lasted only a few days, it was so beautiful. I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors, working my tail off on projects that will finish up this month and next. I love that I can stay inside and bundle up with some reality TV and a cup of coffee and get some things off my plate. Here are some of things I’ve been inspired by this week and if you find yourself indoors, too, check them out! Before you know it, you’ll be making something, too.

Ryan Sims’ Practice Makes Pixel Perfect  a little slow, but the content is really really good. you’ll walk away with a new understanding of “practice”

Typographia’s Favorite Typefaces of 2011   all the fonts your heart desires (for 2011, that is)

Net Magazine’s Die A Designer: 10 steps to a long career   basics that any designer and creative should follow

Have a great weekend!

quote: cheap work

Preach it, Sailor Jerry. Preach it.

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