m. design interiors

I told you I’ve been addicting to interior design portfolios lately! After finding out about M. Design Interiors from One Kings Lane, I find myself scrolling through Molly Luetkemeyer’s residential portfolio when I should be doing something productive… I love the metallic couch and huge wall graphic in the family room above.

I can’t get enough of this bold pattern in a hallway nook.

That striped ceiling would be tough to create, but I love the finished look.

This one is just plain awesome. Red chairs, elephant portraits and yellow mirrors. I’m home.

See more of her interior design magic on M. Design Interior’s site and more of my favorites after the break.

Love the orange couch and shag rug on the left and the green details in the closet on the right.

The mirrored nook makes the space look so special.

Did I already say I love the orange couch? And the hanging anatomy print is also really nice.

Thank you, M. Design, for your inspirations and homes that actually look personal and lived in. Just stunning.