Let’s Party! (part one)

{ kitchen, living room, straws, paper flowers, table }

As promised, I want to share some party inspiration from the birthday weekend I had with my girlfriends in Cleveland. Like any picture-obsessed designer, I had to create inspiration boards to hone in on what I was looking to accomplish in two days time. I couldn’t have done it without my friend, Clarissa Westmeyer, whose love of vintage and lovely home created the perfect atmosphere for the weekend. She was so fantastic (and a great cook!) and I couldn’t have made it happen without her. Thank you, Clarissa!

So here are the inspiration boards I made for the weekend starting with the colors. I like to use inspiration boards as a jumping-off point and don’t feel bound to them when I’m making something. They serve me well to get ideas flowing but I love it when an idea or something unique I find can take me down another path to something better.

Color Palette
I chose the color palette based on a few different interiors that inspired me. Bright and cheery, I felt like they were warm and inviting and fit my colorful tastes well. I chose a lot of pattern (I’m clearly a pattern addict), layering of colors and touches of gold to bring a sophisticated feeling, but still fun and informal.

{ from left to right: table 1, balloons, straws, table 2 & place setting, table 3, sparklers, flowers, streamers, table 4 }

Decor and style
Because of time, I didn’t create the paper decorations as I had hoped, but Clarissa’s house served as a stunning backdrop for the table and food. With a small group of 7, I wanted something close-knit and so I knew a long, ecletic centerpiece would serve us best. I love the mix of leaves and flowers in the arrangements and wanted something light and airy.

{cheese plate, pink champagne, lasagna bites, grilled cheese, macarons, sandwiches, caprese bites, dip cups, pretzels}

I thought a lot about what to serve for the dinner and I wanted something we could sit down for but with small bites. I knew that having a buffet of appetizers would be a great fit. We had more filling things like open-faced raspberry, ham and goat cheese sandwiches and smaller bites like the vegetable dip cups and caprese bites. We didn’t get the macarons, but my cake stole the show anyway! It was gorgeous!

Based on these three boards, Clarissa and I were able to buy foods at the West Side Market and pull from her large collection of vintage dishes and glassware to create the look we wanted. I’ll be sharing the invitations and pictures from the dinner next week and you can tell me what you think! I always love seeing where something started in inspiration and where it finally ends up. Stay tuned!