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Introducing: Ink + Mortar Design Co.


I’m so proud to announce the launch of Ink + Mortar Design Co., my boutique web + design studio in Philadelphia. I have started a blog to showcase my work as I work on my own site, so hop over and check it out!

Remnants will stay as a catalog of my work, ideas and articles, and I’ll be posting new content and work on the Ink + Mortar site from now on. I hope you’ll continue to follow! :)

scenes of grey

For Allie’s Phone Photo Challenge this week the color was grey, so I challenged myself to create scenes that related and a set that was more cohesive than my past sets. I have to say, I’m excited for yellow next week because matched with the weather, this grey needs a pop of color!

Oh and the “get your pig on” sticker is Scott’s and he refuses to get rid of it. It’s his last hold on bachelorhood so it adorns our trashcan… for now… ;)

sneak peek and happy friday!

It’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to getting ahead on my to-do list this weekend! Here’s a snippet of the letters I’ve been working on from the hand-drawn type class I took with Ken Barber of House Industries last weekend. I’ll be sharing more next week. In the meantime, happy Friday!

a week of white

Allie’s Phone Photo Challenge already has me viewing my world in a new way. Here are my submissions for week 1, the focus on the color white. I’ve enjoyed taking the time on my walks around the city, my house and my work to take a look around and notice the details. I’m really looking forward to next Monday’s challenge, the color red.

new work: anthropologie february

I’m really proud of one of the projects I’ve been working on for Anthropologie this month: the new February look and feel and the homepage and landings on the site. I worked on a team of 4 to develop the look and feel and then implemented it throughout the site. I’m really proud of how everything turned out! See it live for another week or so on the Anthropologie site.

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Sneak Peek: McMullen Family Cookbook

I’m excited to share a personal project I’ve been working on: the McMullen Family Cookbook! I’ve wanted to try my hand at book design for a long time and I looooove food, so when the idea came up to do a cookbook, I was immediately on board.

My sister Kelly (chopping onions above), cousin Jen and I became chefs and stylists for the day and after setting up a mini photo studio, I styled and shot pictures of six recipes for the section dividers. I shopped the day before and day of to find unique dishes like the silver rimmed glass and salad bowl and used fabrics and table cloths from my collection of textiles as the backdrops. I wanted a more traditional, old-world feel for the cookbook (the cover is going to be a one color design on chipboard) so I edited the pictures to make them feel vintage, yet still vibrant. No cookbook should have dull pictures!

The next step is to finish the recipe pages and add in some McMullen details. I’ll update with more later this month!

Let’s Party! (part three)

{ fresh asparagus, my ring as I cut cucumber, our pink champagne soda bottles
and a grilled cheese and tomato soup dish }

As promised, the final round of pictures from the party. The menu consisted of items from my inspiration board and I loved serving the grilled cheese with the Tomato Parmesan soup from the Souper Market in Clarissa’s bright teacups and saucers. And again, a HUGE thank you to Clarissa Westmeyer for all of her gorgeous photography. She made my birthday one not to be forgotten!

Here are part one and part two if you missed it and now I promise not to milk my birthday any longer. Well… until next year.

{ our drink table }

{ more of the table with ranunculus flowers, a place setting and the sparkle candles for the cake }

Paper Remnants: Baby Jackson’s Shower Invites

My friend, Tarrance, asked me to design her baby shower invitations and I was eager to design them, especially when we found out she was having a baby girl! I loved the poem she found and since Tarrance is a copywriter by day, I decided to skip the illustrations and use type as the main focus. In the end, we couldn’t decide which ones we liked more, so we took our favorite two and printed both!

Printed on my Canon Pro9000 Mark II on Whip Cream French Paper and with Cotton Candy French Paper envelopes.

Let’s Party! (part two)

I’m excited to share some of the photos from my birthday, from the fabulous Clarissa Westmeyer! She was a fantastic hostess and chef (she made the cake and food herself!) and I love the photos she took of the day. It makes me want to transport back asap.   { above: funfetti and strawberry checkered cake with a pale green sugar icing }

{ tabletop full of gerber daisies, ranunculus, vintage vases and china }

{ paper straws for our vintage soda bottles filled with bubbly pink champagne }

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Let’s Party! (part one)

{ kitchen, living room, straws, paper flowers, table }

As promised, I want to share some party inspiration from the birthday weekend I had with my girlfriends in Cleveland. Like any picture-obsessed designer, I had to create inspiration boards to hone in on what I was looking to accomplish in two days time. I couldn’t have done it without my friend, Clarissa Westmeyer, whose love of vintage and lovely home created the perfect atmosphere for the weekend. She was so fantastic (and a great cook!) and I couldn’t have made it happen without her. Thank you, Clarissa!

So here are the inspiration boards I made for the weekend starting with the colors. I like to use inspiration boards as a jumping-off point and don’t feel bound to them when I’m making something. They serve me well to get ideas flowing but I love it when an idea or something unique I find can take me down another path to something better.

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