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video // Ted Leonhardt: Fit In, Stand Out, Stand Apart

This Creative Mornings Seattle talk really has me creatively caffeinated this Monday morning. Great information about standing up for your experience and your brand by Ted Leonhardt.

Philly Startup Weekend Recap

After 54 hours with some of the most talented, motivated people in Philadelphia, I feel like a new woman. When my friend Melissa recommended I attend Startup Weekend Philadelphia, I took her word for it, since her own experience had changed her life completely. I knew I had to give it a shot. I couldn’t comprehend where all this magic that she talked about could come from. And now I know.

For those that are unfamiliar, Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skillsets – primarily software developers, graphics designers and business people – to build applications and develop a commercial case around them.”

left: designed and photographed by Melissa Morris Ivone  |  right: the mecca of great ideas

It was phenomenal. When do you get the chance to put everything aside and focus on one project for 54 hours? When do you meet the most diverse group of careers, ages, races, idea-makers and personalities (well, they’re actually all pretty awesome) that you normally would never work with? When do you have coaches that are way more intelligent than you are, available to help you? When do you have delicious food and beverage brought to you so that you can keep working? Answer: at Philly Startup Weekend. So here’s how it went down:

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follow Seth Godin

Follow Seth Godin. Sign up for his emails, even if you read just one a week. Read his blog. Follow him on twitter. Why? Here’s what I received in my inbox this morning:

Don’t expect applause

Accept applause, sure, please do.

But when you expect applause, when you do your work in order (and because of) applause, you have sold yourself short. That’s because your work is depending on something out of your control. You have given away part of your art. If your work is filled with the hope and longing for applause, it’s no longer your work–the dependence on approval has corrupted it, turned it into a process where you are striving for ever more approval.

Who decides if your work is good? When you are at your best, you do. If the work doesn’t deliver on its purpose, if the pot you made leaks or the hammer your forged breaks, then you should learn to make a better one. But we don’t blame the nail for breaking the hammer or the water for leaking from the pot. They are part of the system, just as the market embracing your product is part of marketing.

“Here, here it is, it’s finished.”

If it’s finished, the applause, the thanks, the gratitude are something else. Something extra and not part of what you created. To play a beautiful song for two people or a thousand is the same song, and the amount of thanks you receive isn’t part of that song.

So follow him. He brings you back to reality, authenticity and the love of your craft.
Hop over to his site and spend hours immersed in great thought.

russell + hazel / templates for wedding to-dos

While in search for some sort of organizational binder for my wedding, I came across Russell + Hazel’s free printable Wedding organizational sheets on their website.

I have never been so happy and relieved that I didn’t have to shell out $30+ on a pastel pink binder with a bride on it just to get some organizational help. Instead I spent the money on one of Russel + Hazel’s gorgeous binders. Money well spent! These printouts have helped me so much in the chaotic planning and so I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

jumping back in

I just got back from a lovely week in Texas with some of my girlfriends and I’m still getting my bearings as I jump back into a work week. As I get my life back together, please enjoy a little music from Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers.

quote: things you’ve wanted to do

My new iphone wallpaper. Love it.

download a large version via bippity boppity boo

color play

Love this color palette and necklace from Favor Jewelry.

video: Work & Play

This beautiful video by Matt Delbridge brings me back to what I love most about design: good work.

thoughts for the weekend

Lovely thoughts from Wasted Rita. Here’s to a productive weekend ahead!

let’s make: stuffed mushrooms

I’ve had a recent obsession with stuffed mushrooms and can’t seem to make enough to last for even two days. I used to hate them, but for some reason my taste buds now really enjoy them and also brussel sprouts. Go figure.

I love how simple stuffed mushrooms can be as a snack and how much veggie comes in each bite, so I thought I’d share. (Plus I wanted to put my snazzy new camera to use, so voilá!) I loosely follow this recipe from, but made my own adaption of the recipe below. You really can’t go wrong with any sort of cheesy filling, though. Plus, I made a little recipe card to go with it! You can click to download a 4×6″ size.

{ click to download full size }

Happy Monday!

photo by me, recipe adapted from trooworld

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