a must read: You, Inc.

I love traveling for the simple reason that I actually take time to read a good book. I have collected so many over the last few years but never find the time to sit and enjoy one of them. On my trip to Houston last week, I took a book that came highly recommended by a fabulous client of mine and I just had to share it.

Since I didn’t have a pen on me, I decided to start marking the pages I wanted to come back to.
The folds will tell you what a great book this is.

You, Inc. surpassed any of my expectations. It’s not just about selling yourself in a non-cheesy way; it covers every aspect of being a good business person that you can imagine. All while being motivating and heartfelt. I feel so connected to the authors because of the warmly written chapters about a world where we work hard, treat others like gold and come out on top. It was such a good read, I couldn’t recommend it any more!