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the year ahead

I celebrated my 27th birthday this past week and it was filled with confetti, ranunculus, stripey straws and champagne. I always find myself reflecting more on the past year on my birthday rather than on New Year’s Eve, and usually set new goals and reassess the last year during March.

26 was a great, but there have been so many changes and the biggest two of all, the move to Philadelphia and a new job, that I’m very ready to have a stable, simple life for a while. It’s been wonderful, but I now enjoy more of the little trips and breaks I take to smell the roses. I still have goals and exciting new ventures on the horizon, but for now, I’m enjoying the early spring weather and taking time to relax. Or maybe I’m just getting old… !

Cheers to a new year!

thoughts for the weekend

Lovely thoughts from Wasted Rita. Here’s to a productive weekend ahead!

let’s make: stuffed mushrooms

I’ve had a recent obsession with stuffed mushrooms and can’t seem to make enough to last for even two days. I used to hate them, but for some reason my taste buds now really enjoy them and also brussel sprouts. Go figure.

I love how simple stuffed mushrooms can be as a snack and how much veggie comes in each bite, so I thought I’d share. (Plus I wanted to put my snazzy new camera to use, so voilá!) I loosely follow this recipe from, but made my own adaption of the recipe below. You really can’t go wrong with any sort of cheesy filling, though. Plus, I made a little recipe card to go with it! You can click to download a 4×6″ size.

{ click to download full size }

Happy Monday!

photo by me, recipe adapted from trooworld

rules for a creator’s life

A fantastic list from

pantone chip slips

To help with any Monday frustration from your messy pile of Pantone chips, may I suggest the Chip Slip. You’re silly not to get some.

friday drinks

It’s Friday! I hope your weekend is full of classy drinking, champagne out of cans and mini straws.

photo by me, drinks by colleen

Matthew Brandt: Lakes & Reservoirs

I’m so inspired by Matthew Brandt’s Lakes and Reservoirs project. “Color photographs are soaked in the specific lake or reservoir water that they represent.” The natural deterioration is so beautiful! What a powerful and amazing idea.

slice of life / 4

I took last week off to visit Ohio and it was just the break that I needed. I visited with my college girlfriends, ate Jeni’s, upgraded my phone, brunched at Tasi, shopped at Homage and took home a one-of-a-kind S, that lights up with neon inside! (Thanks to my dad and sister :)

I’m back in the swing of things this week and starting today, I’m officially a full-time Interactive Designer at Anthropologie! I’ve been freelancing full-time since September, and it feels good to finally be official.

Here’s wishing you a great week and a very productive Monday!

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