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slice of life / 3 : merry christmas!

{ our tree! (and the Bud Light Dog that guards it) }

December has been such a great month and although I’ve been somewhat MIA on the internet, I’ve been enjoying some good quality time with Scott, holiday shopping and parties, getting ready for a week in Ohio and a new year on the horizon. So here are some snapshots from the month and some of the reasons I’ve been missing in action!

{ early Christmas shopping and early presents like my new gold flatware  //  Macy’s Christmas lights and downtown Philly shopping & eating } 

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blog to love: Miss Moss

I’ve been following Miss Moss for 2+ years now, and every time I come back to her blog, I leave with a sophisticated air of inspiration. Her taste level is top notch, with great posts in fashion, design, photography and living. There are few blogs I check daily, and I can honestly thank Miss Moss for bringing me an elevated style every day.

{ the hustad residence post }

{ Industry of One post }

{ thakoon post }


how Workflowy saved my productivity

I’ve had a lot of projects and exciting ventures come up lately, but when I got home from work, I find that I’m usually too overwhelmed by the amount on my plate to start anything at all. The satisfaction of finishing something was impossible. My projects were pushed to the weekend, and I could only finish one or half of one at a time.

I soon found the answer to my conundrum: breaking a large project into many small steps. It seemed simple, but the written list still looked overwhelming and how was I supposed to keep track of the list itself, especially when we’re talking about putting a design for our wedding invitations together! (I think that might just be a designers worst nightmare… )

And then I found Workflowy. My savior. A to-do list for the overwhelmed like me, Workflowy offers tiers of lists to keep your work moving, one step at a time. They shrink and expand based on a project, so you’re staring at a huge list of to-dos, but able to focus on each step, per project. It has helped me so much in taking small steps during the week and moving closer to my goals. I highly recommend giving it a try! It’s saved my productivity for sure.

wish I had known: the word “stuck”

I spent last Thursday in New York, listening to the legend of design, Milton Glaser, speak about everything from the projects “The Clients Didn’t Approve” to the power of color. He seems to have a pool of stories that’s never-ending (in a good way!). I took so much away from his talk, but one thing in particular will sit with me for a long, long time.

I have used the phrase “I’m stuck” plenty of times when I’m designing. It’s what I run to when a solution doesn’t come as easily as I had hoped, when I want to step away from something and take a walk, when I have exhausted all the options I can think of for a design and don’t know where else to go. After Milton had finished his presentation, they opened the floor for questions and a woman asked the question that we’ve heard so many times, ” Where do you go for inspiration when you get stuck?” His response was not what I expected.

“Stuck is just a literary term. It doesn’t exist. It’s not real in design.” He continued, “The only way ‘stuck’ exists is when you STOP WORKING. So don’t stop working!” 

Milton explained that design is most often times a process and if you find a solution that isn’t working, that’s very different than if you are “stuck”. If it’s not working, you move on, that’s part of the exploration. The work that you are consistently doing will influence and help you through the moments you think you’re stuck because you’ll begin to see what works and when to move on. “The solutions come when you are involved with the project so thoroughly that you know it’s a good answer.”

I realized then that use of “stuck” in my vocabulary needed to change. I was using the idea that I couldn’t go any further to encourage me to stop working or move to a different project or start the whole project over. It was the wrong answer. I do believe that sometimes you have to walk away from something, or sleep on it, but in most cases, the more you persist in moving forward, the more you’ll get from it.

Milton reminded me that design is as much a process as it is an art, and that to continue to create great work: don’t stop working!

color pop

My obsession with neon lately has spilled over into many projects, including our wedding. When I came upon CSA Flat File, a project by CSA Images, I fell in love with the color pops from 20+ years ago. A vibrant addition to a very dreary day in Philly.

Milton Glaser: I heart NY more than ever

I’m beside myself with excitement to see the design legend, Milton Glaser, speak at Parsons tonight for AIGA NY. I’m continuously inspired by his 10 Things I Have Learned, and I can only imagine what he hopes to share tonight.

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