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quote: nothing that comes easy…

the burden of giving a shit

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Oh the burden of caring for your craft. It’s a curse and a gift. A gift worth sharing. After listening to Frank Chimero’s talk at the Do Conference, the quote “We do things the long, hard, stupid way” has stuck with me. It’s a fantastic feeling that I get to work hard, I love to do and finish things the long, hard, stupid way. Don’t let anyone tell you “just get it done.”

So blast a little music and let’s make some great shit. Happy Friday!

nice work: Anna Williams photography

I’m so inspired by Anna Williams’ photography, especially her personal project, the Voracity. Anna’s work is exquisite and the stories behind each mini-magazine are well thought and well executed. Bravo, Anna!

slice of life / 2 : vintage finds

While we’re nowhere near done buying furniture and other necessities for our apartment (I’m still in search of the perfect dresser) we’re pretty happy with how things are coming together. While I’ve been purging and sorting and re-organizing everything in our apartment, I’m still very much into the treasure hunt of finding unique pieces to make this space our own.

This weekend, I spent my Saturday exploring Philadelphia for new thrift stores to get my fix. I came back with a pile of vintage clothing and some of the gems that I added to the other great finds I purchased in Columbus and Cleveland. Here’s just how thrifty I got:

1. chinese bird vase, $2 at Penny-Wise Thrift, wooden wine crate, $1 from the Short North Yard Sale 

2. hot pink ampersand, $2 at Three Potato Four, bronze owl, 50¢ from Ohio’s Thrift Store, blue bird cup, $1 from Gabriel Brothers

3. the best purchase of the weekend: an art deco necklace from Nearly New Shop for $6!!!! I’m about 80% sure it’ll be worn for my wedding, whether in my hair or around my neck. It’s such a stunner.

4. 1920s-1950s travel labels, $12 total from 20th Century Cincinnati in a frame from IKEA, red arrow, $2 from Three Potato Four

5. wooden letter S, a gift from a friend and originally from a Cleveland thrift store, orange clock, $5 from Short North Yard Sale (and how great is the dog print by Sycamore Street Press?? It was gift from Eva after I helped post on her blog. It’s found a great home in our kitchen! ), Jack Daniel’s tin sign, $5 at Marc’s, Great Lakes Brewery tin sign, a gift from Scott’s roommates.

{ my S overload thanks to Three Potato Four }

I’m so happy to find a few good places to add to our home. There’s just nothing quite like a house that looks unique to you.

graham hill // less stuff : more happiness

It’s one thing to live in a 650 square foot apartment by yourself, but to add another person into the mix can bring all kinds of storage, space and personal bubble issues. This has been my life for the last four months. The fiancé and I find ourselves fumbling for space in our 650 square foot apartment, which we decided to stay in to save a boat load of money for our wedding and our next (bigger) apartment.

I moved box after box of things from Ohio, my entire life of collected pieces and added it to our tiny place. It’s been a huge change for the both of us, but I’ve become aware of every item I own because of it. I know what I need, what doesn’t work in this space and when I can let things go. I also realize there are some things I can’t live without. Like my set of vintage fabrics. They aren’t going anywhere! It’s been a great re-assessment of what matters.

In all this change, I came across this TEDx talk by Graham Hill about finding happiness with less. I love his thoughts that the bigger our lives get, the more we try to fill it up with instead of enjoying the small things. I beautiful idea to take with me into the weekend.

Happy Friday!

let the holiday drinking begin!

1. Cider Rum Punch  2. Spiced Apple Cider Sangria  3. Apple, Ginger, & Cranberry Vodka Cocktail 4. Intensi-Toddy

It’s that time of year! Spiced drinks with everything from apples, to cinnamon, cherries and pumpkin. And of course some vodka and rum! These drinks are on my list of ones to make this season, especially that Cider Rum Punch!

all kinds of visitors

We’ve been getting all kinds of visitors lately and this past week my sister, Kelly, and her hubby, Carl, made the trip. I wanted to share the amazing photos my sister took while visiting (well, Carl, helped take a few, too!). I love how she captured Eastern State Penitentiary, which is right by our apartment, the beautiful skylines and one of our favorite breakfast spots, Mugshots. She has such a great eye!

We had a great week showing them around our favorite spots and now the apartment feels so empty. I don’t know if any other visitors can top these photos!

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