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My absence from blogging, twitter, facebook and good-old-fashioned hanging out has been directly related to the amount of projects I have going on right now. I finally moved the rest of my possessions from Columbus to Philadelphia last weekend, but I’m still living in a pile of boxes and clothes as I make myself a new home.

Freelance has picked up and I find myself busier than ever, which is good, but I need a break, big time! I love when things kick into gear and Fall always seems to change things up, but I’m most excited to finally have a space that is mine, a home for all my patterned papers and paintbrushes and the oversized printer that is sitting on the floor right now. It will feel so good to finally make myself at home.

So please excuse this brief absence as some changes are happening. I’ll be back soon!

image via Lonny

let’s eat: vibrant sweets

I love these dreamy sweets from Sweetapolita. I’m so hungry for sprinkles and gradated blue cake now!

Oh how I love Ohio

After visiting my home back in Ohio to pack up my final boxes and move them to Philly, I got extremely sentimental about Columbus and leaving again. I realized how much pride I have in where I grew up and how much I really love this city. As fabulous and exciting as Philadelphia is and has been, I will always consider Ohio my home base. I couldn’t be prouder of the state I know and love so dearly. Who knows, I’ll probably settle down right back where I started, but for now, the world is one big opportunity awaiting me. Until then, I’ll travel with that Ohio pride wherever I go and continue to explain to east-coasters that I did not own any cattle or grow up on a farm.

ohio print by Lil Burritos

thank you, Mr. Jobs

Trying to explain the impact Steve Jobs has had on my career is a little difficult. It’s not that I knew him, talked with him, or even saw him from a distance at any point in my life, but Steve Jobs’ impact on design and my generation is already legend. As a graphic designer, my career has transformed itself in a short 50 years so greatly, that most wouldn’t recognize the industry if they started in it some 50 years before. I was required to buy a Mac for my first design courses, and after using it, I came to call this little tool an extension of myself. I use an Apple product every hour of every day. I use a Mac computer at work, come home to my Macbook laptop, use my iPhone for email, GPS, entertainment, weather, twitter and even when I’m sleeping, my computer is backing up my files, updating my inbox and my phone’s alarm is set to wake me up in the morning. No other company I have ever known influences my day on such a regular basis. If ever there be a product or man to transform my life, Steve Jobs and Apple would be it.

His passion for design in an industry that originally shunned it, opened doors for people like me for the future. Not only did he make products that became extensions of ourselves, but he impacted how business sees design and showed the world that design and business can be, and are, one.

I became even more emotional about Steve’s death because of reading the article by Steven Heller about The Job Jobs Did, a sobering reality that this impact can disappear with his absence at Apple and that we need people like Steve to inspire and uphold the power of design or it will be lost. The article speaks with graphic designers about their response to his legacy and courage to resist and change design as we know it. It’s a challenge for us to continue this trend, even though we’re not CEO’s at Apple, we have the power to make design a prominent part of business and “give people not what they ask for but what they need.”

So, in his passing, all I can do is say thank you, Mr. Jobs, for impacting a generation, a career path, and an everyday person like me and for changing my life forever. It was a pleasure knowing you.

think different image

vintage vogue

How classy and sophisticatedly sexy are these Vintage Vogue women? I’m fascinated with how far fashion has come, how much of it is returning, and how much I want to be like these ravishing ladies. Very different from the ’80s and ’90s fashion I grew up with…

Ashley & David’s 8mm wedding film

I’ve always wanted an 8mm film to capture my wedding day, and after seeing Ashley and David Miller’s, I’m even more in love.  Isn’t the bride just gorgeous??

video by Jon Ball

a cup of coffee and good company

I’ve decided to take the GOOD health challenge for October and take time to thoroughly appreciate the little things and the hard work I’ve put in for the last few months. Last week I celebrated National Coffee Day with my new Philly friend, Lindsey Buck, and I spent the evening with a cup of joe and good conversation, leaving empowered and with the biggest smile on my face. I so often take for granted these moments of peace and just sitting and enjoying a nice night in a cafe or restaurant and taking time to breathe. It feels so great to breathe. I think October is the perfect month to take time like this for yourself, especially when the holidays are fast approaching! What are you going to do for yourself today?

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