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Talent isn’t much…

Love this 2 color silk screen Passion Poster by Shyama Golden.

Yumi’s Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet

I’ve been trying all kinds of new veggies this summer with my CSA from Bird’s Haven Farms and I’ve been learning about new ways of cooking the familiar veggies I love.This quick Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet is great for when I can’t remember how long Bok Choy takes to steam or how the hell you know when an artichoke is done. Plus, it’s just plain adorable. View the full version on Yumi’s site and get cookin’!

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Blog to love: Here’s Looking At Hue

I’m loving Here’s Looking At Hue and find myself wandering through their color spectrum finding inspiration in places I didn’t expect. You can sort by color or scroll through the rainbow and I love the lazy load (which I don’t normally like!). A wonderful, growing collection sure to inspire some color in your life.

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CSCA: RoAndCo Studio

Meredith and I are giddy about hosting Roanne Adams of RoAndCo this month for CSCA. Her work is fantastic, clean, simple and commanding and I can’t wait to meet her in person. RoAndCo designs for the fashion industry with clients such as American Eagle, Nike, Refinery29, Steven Alan, and Timo Weiland and has gotten her tremendous accolades, including Print Magazine’s Top 20 Under 30 Award.

You can view more of her work on her site and if you’re in the area, come to Knowlton Hall, OSU, July 21st at 6:30pm to hear her speak about her life, work and her love of fashion.

Great Work: Allison Colpoys, book designer

I love this interview with Penguin book designer Allison Colpoys on The Design Files. Her work is lively and full of movement and texture and I love the splatter insert pages for her Wild Food book design. The pop of aqua with the deep purple is a surprisingly perfect combination!

I’ve been seeing her Amazing Face design all over the internet and it’s what made me take a second look at her other book designs. Each piece has her artistic painted and hand-illustrated flair. See more of her work on The Design Files and make sure to read her interview!

Red Gallery Photography

I absolutely love the work of Red Gallery Photography. I wanted to share their amazing work because I think they’re fantastically talented and brides in Ohio (and beyond) should take a look!

Lisa and Clay are a husband and wife team and I love their style, finesse and their creative spirits.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, 2011

{ the stage at WMCfest, Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks, Mig Reyes of Threadless }

Wow. What a weekend. While I only made it to one day of the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, I can’t believe the energy, inspiration and sweet swag bag I left with in the short amount of time I was there. The energy was intoxicating and I felt lucky to have been able to have this so close to home.

It seemed that the overall theme from the speakers was work hard and keep making good shit. Almost every speaker touched on the subject and it made me feel good that my late nights lately will pay off, even if it doesn’t seem like it now. Alex Cornell also brought up a really great topic that serendipitous moments can change your path to success, too, you just have to keep working and take the opportunities when they come. We can’t write the career path we want to take and sometimes you can’t even imagine the place you’ll eventually be. Take the opportunities and let them shape your career, not the other way around.

{ the poster gallery, Quite Strong on stage, Danielle with her swag bag, more of the poster show }

I also loved hearing the ladies of Quite Strong and how they put their collective together. They focused on community and how they are able to harness the power of five to do the work they want and the work they feel strongly about including pro-bono and non-profit cases. With five women, they are able to harness each other’s strengths and do great work because of it.

Mig Reyes was just outright hilarious and shared his “Fuck the police, make whatchu wanna” attitude towards design. He showed the progress of how one personal project led to another bigger one which led to another which led to another. He said to never turn down the opportunity to grow and try something new. Who cares if you don’t know a program? Learn it!

It was a whirlwind of a day, but I’m so glad we made it. I’m already looking forward to next year!

This Weekend: Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

I’m headed to Cleveland this weekend for a very event-filled day at the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. With a schedule like this, who wouldn’t want to be there?? It’s sure to be a nice kick of creative inspiration for the rainy Ohio weekend ahead of us. You can still buy tickets until 12 midnight tonight, so get on it!

Know Your Design History

One thing I wish I had paid more attention to in college was design history. I appreciate the knowledge much more now that I’m out of school and have been brushing up on my design prowess with the MFA Designer As Auther Paul Rand Lectures from the School of Visual Arts. I now understand how important it is to learn the foundation before building on it and I wish I had known to pay more attention instead of looking at blogs and iChatting in class (oops, did I just say that?).

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video: How To Avoid the Idea Generation Trap

A great talk from Scott Belsky during the 99% Conference about overcoming the “New Idea” hump. I’m now very inspired to finish the pile of half-finished ideas with these steps. Brilliant!

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