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Let’s Eat: Cook Your Dream

I’m infatuated with food photography (if you didn’t already notice a trend…). How someone can get something edible and spoilable to look so perfect is beyond me. I’ve recently found Cook Your Dream and really enjoy the behind the scenes of freelance food photographer Šárka. Her food photography site is just as yummy and probably not a good idea to look at right before lunch. Bon Appétit!

ADC Young Guns: How did you get here?

I always love to hear what it took for a designer to get to where they are today. “To celebrate our ADC Young Guns 9 call for entries, the ADC is interviewing 10 past winners about how they got to where they are today.” Truly inspiring.

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CSCA: Jay Grossen, Frog Design

Tonight, Columbus Society of Communicating Arts is hosting Jay Grossen of Frog Design. The talk will be in Mendenhall Lab at OSU at 7:30pm, social hour starting at 6:30pm. If you’re in the area, come and hang out and be inspired!

Emily Cohen: Helping you design your business

There is so much dreariness outside today, I knew I’d be listening to a Creative Morning talk to brighten it up a bit. I couldn’t have asked for a better video to pick than Emily Cohen’s talk about business, startups, running a successful design company, contract tips and letting us know that “a fish stinks from the head down.” Truly worth watching no matter what kind of creative you are.

Blog to love: Old Brand New

I’m really digging the blog Old Brand New. A great collection of photography from a wide range of cameras, Dabito is a jack of all trades and gives you a peek into his life with his arresting photographs.

Shop: The Harbinger Co.

The Harbinger Co. has me doing some pre-weekend shopping. I’m a big fan of the mustache ring and other delicately cut jewelry pieces. It’s a great mind break this Friday afternoon!

Leah Duncan

I love this Outer Space Tea Towel from illustrator Leah Duncan. I also love her simple packaging that shows off her illustrations and style.

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Let’s Party! (part three)

{ fresh asparagus, my ring as I cut cucumber, our pink champagne soda bottles
and a grilled cheese and tomato soup dish }

As promised, the final round of pictures from the party. The menu consisted of items from my inspiration board and I loved serving the grilled cheese with the Tomato Parmesan soup from the Souper Market in Clarissa’s bright teacups and saucers. And again, a HUGE thank you to Clarissa Westmeyer for all of her gorgeous photography. She made my birthday one not to be forgotten!

Here are part one and part two if you missed it and now I promise not to milk my birthday any longer. Well… until next year.

{ our drink table }

{ more of the table with ranunculus flowers, a place setting and the sparkle candles for the cake }

Waldemar Hansson Photography

I love this shoot by photographer Waldemar Hansson called Pont Alexandre. The effects on the photos look like you’re peering through a blue crystal and give it such a romantic yet haunting feel. Just beautiful.

DIY: Painted Storage Jars

I’m a messy creative. There. I said it. I make messes, work in messes and can’t seem to ever keep myself organized because I’m already on to the next project. My number one resolution this year has been to get organized and have a workspace that not only helps me work faster, but is clean and inspiring so that I want to work in it. While researching different ideas, I came across this DIY Painted Pastel Jars by Kootut Murut and thought it’d be a great solution to my collection of colored pencils, paint brushes, sharpies and who knows what else. I love how light and airy they are and will put this one on my to-do list. Well… after I clean off my desk!

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