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Let’s Eat: something green

In honor of this green day, I plan on some green food in my near future. Here are some green ideas from my favorite food blogs for a very delectable  St. Patty’s Day.

{ Boozy Mint Limeade from Eat Make Read }

{ Endive & Fennel Salad from Green Kitchen Stories }

{ Pea and Mint Salad from What Katie Ate }

{ Spinach and Scallion Risotto from Sweet Paul }

I’m so hungry already! Happy eating!

Luck of the Irish

It’s my people’s holiday today! Happy St. Patrick’s day from one very pale, blonde, Irish lass. I hope it’s full of Celtic tunes, pep in your step and you have the luck of an Irishman. Cheers!

photo via library of congress, design by me

quote: It’s better to be ridiculous

Hear, hear!  via Lotta Agaton

Information Graphics by Paul Butt

These information graphics by Paul Butt are making me very jealous. It’s hard to find new ways to show information and for it to be visually beautiful, but Paul seems to have no problem bringing life to stats. Neatly executed and visually powerful, each page is filled with a graphic more interesting than the next.

See more of the project on Looks Like Good Design and even more in his portfolio.

A Spring Pick-me-up

I thought these flowers summed up the Spring feeling in the air. The sun is peaking through, the days are getting longer and flowers will be in bloom soon. Until then, I’ll settle for a fresh bouquet at my desk.

For beautiful flower inspiration, take a look at Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper’s collection of wedding flowers.

via here and here

Roadtrip: Philly & NYC

I spent a long weekend in Philadelphia and New York and couldn’t have asked for better weather (well, at for 3 of the 4 days…) and a better time with my boyfriend. I ate way too much delicious food and my feet still hurt, but it was exactly what I needed. Here are some of my favorite moments:

{ A trip to the financial district and to Adrienne’s Pizzabar, gorgeous architecture from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a picture of a sunny museum row. }

{ A little modern art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (and yes, I took these illegally…) }

{ A trip to one of my favorite restaurants in Philly, Garces Trading Co. Their cheese plate is just SO good. And finally a pic of Scott and I as we are hour 5 into celebrating my people’s holiday on Saturday at Nodding Head Brewery. We don’t look half bad! }

Must Read: Tell My Why, karlssonwilker

I knew after meeting Jan Wilker at SVW last summer, that the book he and his cohort, Hjalti, wrote about their first 24 months of their design company, karlssonwilker, would be my cup of tea. Tell Me Why is a hilarious, honest look at starting a design company from two guys who just like to have a good time. It had me laughing out loud as I plowed through the pages. Their frankness about their ups and downs was so comforting. I feel like I hear so many overnight success stories from designers that it’s refreshing to hear that it may take longer to get ahead (or break even). This one is definitely going on my bookshelf of favorites and will go back to it whenever I need to remember where I came from. Truly a must read.

Roadtrip: Philadelphia Bound

I’m excited to be in Philly again spending an extended weekend with my beau. On the agenda: lots of good food, lots of walking (in the rain probably) and a trip to New York. A happy spring break indeed!

via nypl

quote: all you need

A great quote from the 99%.

Wear your type

An intriguing way to wear your type. Available for $38 from Little Red Lantern.

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