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Crafted Systems

These beautiful felt sculptures by Crafted Systems caught my eye. I love the red felt and how intricate the patterns are. How do they do it?!

Kevin Dart Illustration

I love the work of illustrator Kevin Dart. The hint of anime and splash of 50’s mod, his illustrations are vibrant and I love the backgrounds that have great movement with layers and layers of brush strokes. Make sure to check out his blog, too, with pictures of his process, screenprinting, inspiration and new work.

Picture This: Oliver Schwarzwald

I love these alluring still lifes by photographer Oliver Schwarzwald. Each picture has such perfect balance and precision in the placement of each object, I know there were many hours behind each one. I especially love the Colors series, in which he uses ribbon, yarn and balloons in places around the city and on the beach (top right). I would love to pass by a pop of color especially on a day like today! Just beautiful.

Let’s Party! (part one)

{ kitchen, living room, straws, paper flowers, table }

As promised, I want to share some party inspiration from the birthday weekend I had with my girlfriends in Cleveland. Like any picture-obsessed designer, I had to create inspiration boards to hone in on what I was looking to accomplish in two days time. I couldn’t have done it without my friend, Clarissa Westmeyer, whose love of vintage and lovely home created the perfect atmosphere for the weekend. She was so fantastic (and a great cook!) and I couldn’t have made it happen without her. Thank you, Clarissa!

So here are the inspiration boards I made for the weekend starting with the colors. I like to use inspiration boards as a jumping-off point and don’t feel bound to them when I’m making something. They serve me well to get ideas flowing but I love it when an idea or something unique I find can take me down another path to something better.

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CSCA: Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design

I felt so honored to co-host Matteo Bologna, President of Mucca Design, this past week at our Columbus Society of Communicating Arts March event. The entire day was surreal and I couldn’t have met a more insightful, fun, friendly designer in my life. His lecture was fantastic, filled with stories about clients and designers and drool-worthy portfolio pieces. It was also sprinkled with some design sarcasm and perverted moments, too. A nice touch to the sophisticated type treatments.

I took away a lot by spending my half-day with him. Here are some of my favorite “food-for-thought” moments:

• Half the battle of a designer is getting the client to be on your side. To do this, it’s important to walk them through the process so that they see that you’re not just hired to make something pretty, but you’re a thinker and working on the project as a business.

• You need to be a good communicator. If you can’t talk about your designs and thought process, you won’t be able to get the confidence of your client.

• Love what you do. If you don’t, start loving something.

• You can be typecast into a role as a designer. If you do restaurants, you’ll keep doing restaurants. Make sure your portfolio is what you want to be doing.

• You don’t need an education. Start learning on your own, right now.

Thank you, Matteo! That was an event and eventful half-day I truly won’t forget!

All pictures copyright Ray LaVoie (who ROCKS) and design above by Meredith Reuter.

How Graphic Designers Get Paid

While doing my freelance projects, I always wonder what others are doing as they deal with their clients and money. This great article, How Graphic Designers Get Paid, has done most of the legwork in showing what others do and have done for their own work. I was very surprised at some of the answers, especially that 61.5% said they bill a fixed rate. I thought for sure it’d be more even with an hourly rate. Did any numbers surprise you?

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Chair-e-o Mate!

If you were to visit my room right now, you’d realize I’m a lover of chairs. I have weened my collection down to three, all different styles and colors. There is just something about these useful works of art that have me mesmerized and so when I found Chair-e-o Mate, I knew I was in love. Some quirky, some you can purchase and put in your house right now, this collection has me wanting to add to my own. Uh oh…


I’m 26 today. Yowza.

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blogs to love: Convoy

A seriously addicting source of images, Convoy offers clean, urban design in all forms, beautifully curated.

It’s party time!

I’ll be turning 26 next week and it’s the perfect time to get away with some girlfriends and throw a little party to celebrate! I’m headed to the CLE to put together what is sure to be a very girlie, delicious feast. I’ll be sharing pieces from my inspiration boards (like the photo above), recipes, photos and invitations throughout the next few weeks. It’s a selfish ploy to make my birthday last as long as possible! In the meantime, have a great weekend and I’ll see you on manic Monday!

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