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Roadtrip: a day at 20th Century Cincinnati

My sister, mom and I headed to 20th Century Cincinnati this weekend and I wasn’t exactly sure what’d we’d find. The small convention center held dozens of dealers with everything from jewelry, furniture, prints, vases, lamps and everything in between. I saw original Charlie Harper paintings selling for $15,000 (which were gorgeous up close!) and printed memorabilia beyond my wildest dreams. I made a few print purchases that I’ll share tomorrow. They deserve a post of their own!

Love the colors on these dog playing cards and the footstool and chair in hot red above.

Charlie Harpers’s booth was just so colorful and packed with people. Prints were selling for $500+ or else I would have walked home with one for sure.

Bright, plastic bracelets were everywhere! Stacked in cases they looked so beautiful.

This booth may have been a little out of place at a mod show but it was one of my favorites. A great collection of sign pieces, tables, and  library card files.

Norman Rockwell posters and 1940s style type and lettering in ads, blown up and printed on canvas.
The colors were remarkable!

Overall, my feet were sore and I spent way to much at the outlet malls on the way down, but the trip was well worth it. I’ll share the printed pieces I came home with tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Roadtrip: 20th Century Cincinnati

My mom, dad, sis and I are headed South for a vintage modern art fair this weekend. 20th Century Cincinnati is a collection of vendors from all over selling vintage art, furniture, fashion and knick-knack treasures. It should be a creative inspiration overload and I plan on brining my camera to capture as much as I can. They also have a special exhibit from the American Sign Museum that I’m especially stoked about.

If you’re in the area or want to get away from the snow headed to Columbus this weekend, you should check it out!

Remade In Switzerland

Thank you to Casey Carmell for introducing me to Remade In Switzerland. A beautifully designed site with specialty army apparel clothes, Remade in Switzerland was founded when Christopher Raeburn found a surplus of stock from the war and deconstructed it, creating a whole new line of beautifully crafted clothing and apparel.

“Ræburn returned to his London studio armed with samples of the surplus stock and began the process of deconstruction. By taking apart the existing garments, he found inspiration and ideas to create new ones, re-imagining unexpected uses for the old and challenging the concept of what is considered new. A rare find was a box of horseshoe nails that became the symbol of the project for Ræburn. He challenged Victorinox to recast that nail into scales for an Original Swiss Army Knife to complement the project. The nail also inspired a print used for linings and other graphic treatments.”

Explore more the well designed brand, culture and philosophy of Remade in Switzerland here.

You’re never too old for a birthday party!

I’m getting ready to turn 26 next month and while talking to my friend Clarissa, we’ve decided that you’re never too old for a birthday party. I spent way too long last night designing invitations and gathering inspiration like this party to get the ideas flowing. I also love their birthday video by Shark Pig, shown below. Lots of color, paper and cocktails and you can’t go wrong.

The World Is Obsessed with Facebook

Stats about Facebook that should make any user nervous. By Alex Trimpe at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Great work, Alex!

via Hey Joy

Start Something That Matters: TOMS blog

I came across the blog of Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes and had to share. I strongly believe that talent can only bring you so far and that passion is what can drive your desire, happiness and success. I love what Blake speaks about in this snippet from his post about what makes a great employee:

“If you’re following a set path, it makes sense to hire people that have seen-and-done what you’re trying to do; but with new and innovative ideas, there is no “right way” of doing things, and when the path to success is unclear, the worst thing that you can have are preconceived notions.

When I was first starting TOMS, I pitched the idea to a college professor who said that I would need a million dollars to get the company off the ground. I spoke with veterans in the shoe industry that saw every reason why the idea would fail. “The math just doesn’t work” they would say, or “the retail business is dying,” or “there’s no market for canvas slip-ons,” and on and on. At the time, TOMS was comprised of myself, a few duffel bags of samples, a polo instructor pretending to be a shoemaker, and a handful of interns that I hired off of Craigslist. The idea was crazy… but my interns didn’t know that.  All they knew was that we were having fun, and that with a little creativity and resourcefulness, we could accomplish just about anything.”

Read more of What Makes A Great Employee and even more on Starting Something That Matters.

Fabio Bartelt Photography

Incredible fashion photography by Fabio Bartelt. I especially love this beach shoot for Marie Claire. If you enjoy pretty clothes, gorgeous models and stunning scenery, take a peek at his portfolio and be entertained for hours.

via designlovefest

CSCA: Mark Christou of Pearlfisher

The lack of posts comes from getting ready for our first event of the year at the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts tonight!! We’re kicking off 2011 with Mark Christou of Pearlfisher. Come for a great night with creatives from all over Columbus and be inspired. I’m beside myself with excitement! (and nerves…)

6:30pm social hour, 7:30pm lecture. Knowlton Hall, OSU. See you tonight!

Alvin Diec Posters

I’ve posted before about Alvin Diec’s posters and I have a feeling this won’t be my last. Alvin’s work is so well executed and I’m inspired this week by his typography and color. His logo work is equally as impressive. I love the range of styles he has, yet they all seem to have a special touch. Thanks for the inspiration, Alvin!

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