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Klas Ernflo: Short Story Poster

I love this poster from designer Klas Ernflo. A beautiful solution for creating an image for a short story. It’s one of those “oh, duh” moments we often have when trying to find a solution. Winsomely done.

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New York Social Diary: Paula Scher

A wonderful interview and intriguing look into Paula Scher’s home on the New York Social Diary. Paula is such an icon for both the design industry and as a successful woman in business, I admire her work and thoughts more than I can say. Read her full interview and see more of her designerly home on the New York Social Diary.

You can’t rely…

White type, handwritten script and a moving quote = my bliss. Love this.

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Grand People

I’m really enjoying the work and website of creatives Grand People. Smart and simple, the website easy to navigate and stunningly created, and I can’t get enough of the full bleed pictures. See more of their work and enjoy their site here.

Zooey in Black & White

Love these photos of Zooey Deschanel. Found in thecatsmeow48’s Flickr stream, I wish I knew who to credit for taking them! I love the styling and authenticity to the era, especially the one on the bottom right. Look at those eyes! See more great fashion shots in the same Flickr feed, here.

Correct Punctuation: Save A Life

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This site may be a year and a half old, but I found it for the first time last night and figured someone else might not have seen it either!

What is shown above is the website of BooneOakely, an advertising agency based in North Carolina. After considering many options for designing a new website, they decided to put together a video that links to additional videos, collectively creating a full and functional website, all on YouTube. HOW COOL?!?! You can click on the sidebar, scroll through their bios and listen to the story of Billy. My mind is blown.

There is also a great video explaining the site and where it has taken BooneOakley, on the One Club here.

Visit to see it at work for yourself.

Angela Hardison: Serve me raw

Here is a photographic look at Angela Harison‘s attempt to eat 50% raw.  I love the no frill styling and raw nature of the photos to match the food itself. These would make a great cookbook. Hopefully Angela continues, because I see a fantastic food blog emerging…

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You can do anything…

Learning to pace myself seems to be the trend for the new year. While maintaining my new job, accepting a position as co-pres of CSCA, expanding Paper Remnants and taking on other new projects, I need to stop, breath and do one thing at a time well, rather than 4+ things mediocre.

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A Simple Life: Malin Elmlid

A beautiful interview with Swedish designer Malin Elmlid of Wood Wood.

“Malin strives for quality in everything that she does, both personally and professionally, which is evident in the way she holds herself, and conducts her business. Malin sets the example that elegance and creativity can be shown in various ways, whether it be fashion design, her sales job, traveling Antwerp or baking bread and exchanging it with friends.”

What an incredible, simple way to live. See more of her lifestyle shots below and read her full interview on Freunde von Freunden.

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