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The Coloring Book

Love this. Is it strange to want this more for me than my imaginary children? Available for $18.95 here.

Brook Farm General Store

I wish I had known about the Brook Farm General Store before the holidays! The general store is full of simple, clean, beautifully designed gifts and treasures and any designer that appreciates white space will love their site.

One of my favorite items is the Adventurer Gift Basket shown above which includes a water bottle, thermos, solar powered radio, pack of limited edition Bicycle playing cards, life preserver key chain, and pocket knife. What a great gift! I would have loved that when I was younger (and I will be purchasing that life preserver key ring for myself!) See more of their simple, back-to-basic goods here.

Shannen Norman Photography

I’m really enjoying Shannen Norman’s photography this morning. I love that they’re so natural yet look like a fashion or product shoot without being too fussy. Her eye is impeccable! Enjoy more of her work after the jump and on her site, here.

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2010 Merry Newsinator

{ now with a plethora of layout options! }

I used the Merry Newsinator last Christmas and it’s back for 2010, new and improved! With new layouts, more fill-in blanks and a snazzy new site, the 2010 Merry Newsinator is a dream come true for all those procrastinators that need a quick holiday card fix. They also make it easy to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Email or to print it out so that everyone can get up to speed on the new things in your life. Procrastinators rejoice and make your own newsletter, here!

Mia Pearlman Paper Installations

These cut paper installations by artist Mia Pearlman have me in awe. I also enjoy her personal statement of her working process and purpose in her designs:

“I make site-specific cut paper installations, ephemeral drawings in both two and three dimensions that blur the line between actual, illusionistic and imagined space. Sculptural and often glowing with natural or artificial light, these imaginary weather systems appear frozen in an ambiguous moment, bursting through walls and windows, or hovering within a room.

My process is very intuitive, based on spontaneous decisions in the moment.

Beautiful work. See more on her site, here.

Design Is A Career…

How true, how true.

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Flip Clock

This clock is so cool!! It’s a whopping 13″ x 5″ x 4″ and is wall mountable. Anywhere you put one it will get attention! Purchase one from The Little Clock Shop for $85.

Culinary Gift Wrap

Hopefully Santa’s bringing me some poster frames from IKEA this Christmas, so I’m planning ahead by finding things to put in them. I dig these prints from Kate’s Paperie. They’re meant for wrapping but work great framed, too! Only $4.50 and ready to frame! Buy them here.


These explosion photos by Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr are so intriguing. The best part about them is they’re real!

“In their series Explosion, they built a custom-made detonator, which is connected to the cameras and synchronized to snap a photo at the very moment of the explosion.  In this way, they were able to capture motion and time in a split second of an explosion. …The explosions take place in a domestic setting to play upon feelings of anxiety and unrest.”

Just breathtaking.

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Where the Magic Happens

It is so hard to step outside your comfort zone for the possibility to do something great. Someone told me last week that “if it didn’t make you nervous than you wouldn’t be open to possibilities!”

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