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Be True to Who You Are

It’s so hard to stay true to your designs. Something I’ll continue to work on.

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Infused Liquors & Eat Make Read

This weekend was busy, but I still found some time to do something I had wanted to for a while: infusing liquor. I had made infused pineapple vodka (I didn’t realize what a punch those pineapple bites could hold!) but I wanted to try something more wintery and warm, since I have so many holiday parties or to make a great hostess gift.

I had tasted a pear, vanilla bean and clove vodka at Surly Girl and was so in love that I wanted to try it myself. The bartender paired it with Ginger Ale and you could taste the clove and hints of vanilla over the pear really well. I was determined to give it a try myself. I made the concoction this weekend and placed it in a closed top bottle in our pantry, so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll share the recipe once I know for sure it’s a good one…

As for finding the right recipe for my infused vodka, I searched all over the web, but still thought that Eat Make Read’s collection of cocktails (and recipes, too) are the most inspiring for me. They are so full of color, and I love the attention paid to the ingredients. I never realized how beautiful gouda could be up close! I also wanted to try Kelly’s Apple Pear Brandy recipe. Seems like a perfect fall and winter drink. Here are some of her other recipes I look forward to trying:

creamed corn with gorgonzola + tomatoes

happy hour: fig cocktail, no. 1

shaved asparagus + lemon ricotta pizza

spiced apple muffins

apple + cheddar oatmeal cookies

And of course,

pear infused brandy

See more delicious recipes on Eat Make Read and let me know if you recommend any others!

Don’t Take Creativity for Granted – Stefan Sagmeister

He’s just amazing. And if you’re unfamiliar with the 99%, they’re equally as awesome. Check them out here and be filled with inspiration.

C.S. Neil Illustration

Really fascinated by the work of Chris Silas Neil. I love his book covers especially. See more of his illustrations and studio on his site, here.

Your business card is crap

I was in need of a good laugh so I youtubed this guy last night. Makes me laugh every time.

m. design interiors

I told you I’ve been addicting to interior design portfolios lately! After finding out about M. Design Interiors from One Kings Lane, I find myself scrolling through Molly Luetkemeyer’s residential portfolio when I should be doing something productive… I love the metallic couch and huge wall graphic in the family room above.

I can’t get enough of this bold pattern in a hallway nook.

That striped ceiling would be tough to create, but I love the finished look.

This one is just plain awesome. Red chairs, elephant portraits and yellow mirrors. I’m home.

See more of her interior design magic on M. Design Interior’s site and more of my favorites after the break.

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Why am I a designer?

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Pretty Plates

Plates so pretty you can eat off them. On the left, DIY Cameo plate, on the right, LOVE Plates by Lou Rota.

Art Director’s Club Hall of Fame Gala

Stunning use of typography and design by none other than Pentagram. Love the quote cards included in the Art Director’s Club Hall of Fame Gala and the rest of the invitation is just as beautiful. See the entire piece on their site here.

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Feeling like The Animals

I spent the weekend working on my laptop and the TV turned to some random music video channel. The Animals popped up and I had forgotten how much I love them. A great way to end the weekend and start a Monday.

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