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Kitty Batman

Thanks to my friend, Moen, who found the best costume of all time. Happy Halloween!!!

This is your life.

Many of these I live by, many I need to start living.

via Digital Bowerbird (a great blog full of digital media & observations on life)

Raphael Vicenzi Illustration

Fabulous illustrations from Raphael Vicenzi have me wanting to buy a type dress if they actually existed. Using stunning line, color washes and type work there’s passion in every stroke. See his full portfolio here.

via The Best Part

So You Dropped Your Food

I’ve always wondered if there were guidelines….

via Thingz

The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

I can never get enough of Dieter Rams’ design philosophy. No matter how many times I hear or see it, it never gets old. It’s time to bring the video back out of hiding and re-apply to the work I do daily.

video via Yatzer

Compositions with Matches

Such a cool 3D Composition with Matches. I love the eagle above that’s half burned. Really unique. See more of Pei-San Ng’s work here.

via papertastebuds

W. Scott Photography

I can’t get enough of W. Scott Chester Photography. Cristen, Scott and Adam photograph the most unique and colorful weddings. Or maybe it’s just the photography that holds the magic…

I spent an hour on their site and had the toughest time trying to decide what pieces to show from their gorgeous portfolio. I love that they include details that most photographers don’t photograph in a wedding, such as a gorgeous goose neck against a lake or a giggling guest in front of a work of art. I love that they not only notice but document them in such an artistic way. See more of their weddings here and enjoy all kinds of colorful eye-candy.

Babies + Costumes = WIN

Dancing the line between bad parenting and a good sense of humor, I think there is nothing funnier than a baby dressed up in a halloween costume. While I don’t have kids yet, I can’t wait to start making ridiculous costumes like these before they can protest. I don’t know why I kept running across hilarious pics this year, but I finally decided it was necessary to share them. So here they are:

My Top 5 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies

{ candy corn, oompa loompa, yoda, snowman, nacho libre }

Oh and this one comes in a close sixth place: donald trump

Amy Jean Porter

Love these illustrations from Amy Jean Porter. You can buy the one on the left here on 20×200.

To Be A Leader

One of my favorite quotes of all time.

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