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Have Nothing

Something to live by on the walls of the Wild & Wolf booth at NYIGF.

Startup Quotes

A great source of inspiration and motivation from those that have succeeded in their industries. Check out more quotes (and funny talking heads), here.

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The Biggert Collection

There is just something about paper remnants created 75+ years ago that really gets me excited. The script writing, immaculate vignettes and patterns really get my heart racing. I know, it’s really geeky. But for those that share the feeling, I give you The Biggert Collection. A site with 1500+ vintage papers and checks, The Biggert Collection will be my new internet home for quite a few nights this week. I just have to learn to make a “5” as shown in the second paper receipt above. Enjoy geeky more paperdom here.

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Bobby McKenna

Fantastic identity and poster work from Bobby McKenna, recent graduate of Notre Dame. I especially love his Debbie Millman Design Matters poster, shown above, and the fact he even left an “authentic Debbie Millman signature” line for her to sign. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Bobby in the near future, especially with a portfolio like this! See more of his great work here.

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Radical Cartography

There is something so beautiful in a well-designed map. While attending Sahre Victore Wilker this summer, we had a project that could include mapping as a solution if we chose to use it and I tested my limits by picking it. Cartography is the study and practice of making maps, and after trying my hand it for just 2 days, I now have utmost respect for those that make such delicate pieces.

Radical Cartography is a collection of these beauties, and you can see the rest of the set here. I now can appreciate more than ever the amount of skill and detail that goes into each one.

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The Vandercook 100

The Vandercook 100 is a soon-to-be self-published book by Just Vandy, a small letterpress studio in California. Designers, practioners and lovers of the Vandercook 100 proofing press are contributing and I can’t wait to hear their own personal love affairs with the press. The book contains 100 stories as well as examples of the great work that comes from them and I’m sure enough metal and wood type to make you drool all over the open pages.

I’m so SO excited for this book! The Vandercook is what I learned letterpress on and I will forever love the amount of work I put in and the gorgeous pieces that came from the very worn and loved proofing press. Just Vandy is still accepting entries for the book, so if you own a Vandercook, a) I’m jealous and b) contribute and tell your story! I can’t wait to hear it.

Wedding Bells

Today, my little sis is getting married!!! I couldn’t be more excited for the festivities and more nervous about my toast…

Kelly & Carl Colna, congrats and I wish you both all the best!

gorgeous engagement photos by Emily Scott Photography.

Diamond Lights

WANT: Diamond Lights by Eric Therner

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What the F is my Social Media “Strategy”?

A great device to create answers for your next big meeting when you don’t know how to answer: What the Fuck is my Social Media Strategy?

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Lena Corwin

Gorgeous patterned pillows from Lena Corwin. She has some beautiful stuff in her store! Check it out here.

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