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Katie Daisy illustration

Fresh, vibrant illustrations from illustrator Katie Daisy. Talk about having a perfect name for what you do! I don’t think you can ever have too much color and I especially love her use of the spectrum in her portraits. See more patterns, typography and illustration on her site here.

The Best Workshop Ever – Sahre Victore Wilker ’10

As I fly home with suitcase full of dirty clothes, a notebook full of scribbles and quotes and dirt in places I didn’t know existed, I reminisce about my amazing week with 3 very inspiring men and 17 other students who taught me more than I ever anticipated.

Jan + 17 of the workshop students posing with our ridiculously amazing $20 bill sunglasses.

My goal for this class was to not have a goal. I wanted to be a blank canvas, living in the moment of the city, the people and my teachers. The week started off with a happy hour and I immediately realized how diverse the class was.  We had a designers from Portugal, Austria, Australia, Brazil, New York, two from Portfolio Center, India and as a complete surprise, a previous classmate and a new friend, both from Kent. It would turn out to be a remarkable mix.

It was a very long, information filled week, and while I’d love to share every detail, I think the class is different for everyone and I highly recommend you take it if you get the chance. I do want to share some highlights of what I learned, though, and the major ideas I took away from the week I had with Sahre, Victore and Wilker. I hope that even just one quote will inspire you like they did for me.

(Oh and I also added some pictures because who doesn’t like to see pictures? You can read and see more after the jump.)

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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

A hilarious and well spoken video about creativity in schools. I was laughing out loud in the airport as Sir Ken Robinson explains how backwards our teaching system can be. An oldie but goodie, this video definitely opens the debate about learning creativity. Enjoy!

it’s a point of view

Thoughtful wall installation from Joseph Egan on Color Blind Design.

Chad Kouri – Long Live Analog

Chad Kouri and his showcase of work, Long Live Analog, has me reaching for my scissors, neon paper and gluestick. I love the collages of bright strips with hand drawn details and awkward photos of teenagers and children from the 80’s. See more of his work here or download an iphone and desktop wallpaper or two here.

Sahre Victore Wilker 2010

Way back in February I signed up for the Sahre Victore Wilker Workshop in NYC and it starts this week! I will be enroute to NYC Sunday for the workshop that lasts one week and is sure to have my mind blown. I’m nervous, excited, feeling ballsy, feeling totally inadequate and ready for whatever and wherever it takes me. The class is supposed to be a very intense 7 days, so if I can’t blog about my experiences during the week, expect a post about it when I return. It should be quite the ride!

Designers Don’t Read

Being stuck on a few flights and a few long bus rides, I’ve learned to pack a good book or two. On my most recent trip, I borrowed my friend Casey’s book, Designers Don’t Read, and all I can say is that I ordered it as soon as my plane hit the ground. A book comprised of Austin Howe’s essays and thoughts about design, each section is quick, to the point and completely powerful. Even though Howe isn’t a designer, his respect, knowledge and love for good, thought-provoking design pushes me to be better and ask for more as a creative and as a designer. Because designers don’t read, each section is labeled with the time it will take you to complete it, ranging from 0.5 minutes to 8.0 minutes, and the entire book will take you 3 hours and 1 minute. I highly recommend picking up a copy here and let me know what you think!

image via Designers Review Of Books

Expense A Steak

Brilliant! Need an expense report for your $300.00 steak dinner? Maloney & Porcelli’s will do the work for you! Put in the cost of your meal and POOF! A downloadable pdf scan of receipts! Did I already say this is brilliant?? Make your own here.

via CSCA and Troy Allen

Furniture Artist Bae Sehwa

Furniture Designer Bae Sehwa really caught my eye with his Couples Chair and Sightline Bookcase. I think they are both ingenious ideas that I would like to purchase immediately! I could put my Couples Chair to use right away with or without a partner. It’s disguised versatility has me so intrigued. I like to move around a lot when I’m reading (I know it’s odd!) and this would give me multiple ways to enjoy both the sunshine and my book.

As for his Sightline Bookcase, who hasn’t experienced the annoyance of not being able to reach or see the top bookshelves of a library or bookstore. I love his solution. I would like two of these as well. Bae, you can decorate my home, any day! See more of Bae Sehwa’s other beautiful life solutions here.

via Core77

Jacqui Oakley Illustration

Stunning work from illustrator Jacqui Oakley. Lettering, portraits, packaging and more, Jacqui has a vast portfolio that I spent quite a while flipping through. I would love to take a few of these home! See her portfolio on her website here and some more of my favorites after the jump.

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