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Creative Brief: A Research Project

A great study about the Creative Brief and what is wrong with it and how we can improve it. I find this so helpful because I’ve realized that not focusing on a base when I start a freelance project can really leave you spinning with questions down the line. I highly recommend taking a second and flipping through.

Typography School

I love this video about the importance of stepping away from your computer and going back to basics. It’s so important to learn a foundation in type, grid and composition and while I didn’t appreciate learning it in school, I more than appreciate it now. I’ve found that when you don’t rely on someone else (or something else) to create for you, you see things that others miss, fix mistakes no one else catches and your overall design aesthetic is honed and developed so every last detail is just right. Don’t be lazy. Step away from that computer and bring back your hand skills!

via Pressing Letters and Cranky Pressman

Darwin Chair by Stefan Sagmeister

I think Stefan Sagmeister’s Darwin Chair will look great in my living room. Actually, it will look great in any room of it’s choosing, because it changes colors, textures and patterns at the fling of a wrist. Built as a “free swinging structure that includes about 200 sheets of attached prints, as the top sheet gets dirty or tired, the user can simply rip it off thereby transforming the chair’s appearance (and the remaining perforation eventually forms a comfortable head rest).”

Well, Stefan, you’ve really thought of everything!

Art Makes Everything Awesome

It’s time to shut down twitter and facebook and email and get my hands dirty. I think Josh of Hipster Collective said it best here:  “Now go outside and make something of your life.”

Kelly & Carl 8.13.10

They’re finally finished!!! My sister’s wedding plans are well under way and this was one piece running a little behind… We finally finished letterpressing her invitations this weekend and now it’s time to wrap them, address them and say goodbye! See more pics of the invites here and see us hard at work after the jump!

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La Graphic Design

I’ve been really inspired by the work of Anne Strandfelt and Lizet Hee Olesen of Denmark design studio, La Graphic Design. Their fashion, publishing and identity work is worth the visit to their site, so see more of their work here or a few more of my favorites after the break.

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One Love Photo

I can’t stop paging through One Love Photo’s Tumblr full of weddings, family outings and babies. Husband and wife team, Heather Gibson and Jon Almeda, “use a combination of cameras and techniques (digital, medium format film, through the viewfinder, homemade lenses and even a couple toy plastic cameras)” to create the photos featured above. See more of their great work here and see some more of my favorites after the break.

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Richard Pearse

I would love one of Richard Pearse’s wall pieces in my house. I love the textured colors and bits of type peeking through. And who doesn’t love an oversized ampersand??

via the best part

Summer Dew

A bit of summer beauty from De Vetpan Studios. So glistening, I feel like I could jump right in.

And if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look at his Cookie Splash! series which I featured on The Donut Project here. One of my favorite photography sets to date!

Vanessa Prager Illustration

What power with a pen! I really love these drawings on sheet music by Vanessa Prager.

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