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New Igloo Letterpress Site!

One of my first projects when starting at Igloo was to redesign Allison’s website. It’s finally finished!!! Click here to see the site live.

New Business Cards

New business cards! Printed at Igloo Letterpress, of course.

new projects galore!

My life has been extremely busy these past few months and I thought I’d finally show you what I’ve been working on! Aside from the new blog, Remnants, I’ve started a new job, a new card line and will be going to the National Stationery Show with Igloo Letterpress in May. I know! Busy busy…

I just recently accepted a job with Igloo Letterpress and have been hard at work preparing for the National Stationery Show May 16-19 in New York. Along with a website redesign, show catalog and learning the art of letterpress, I’ve also been working on my own line of letterpress cards and wedding invitations. I’m pleased to announce my newest project, Paper Remnants.

I’m a thrift and vintage store junky and these remnants impact my designs, color choices and aesthetic on a daily basis. I have a vast collection of bright fabrics, jewelry and patterned knick-knacks all around my house and found it only appropriate that my line of cards reflect these treasures.

I’ll be debuting my line of cards in New York at the Igloo Letterpress booth, #1550, along with Little Aviary, Jeremy Slagle, Suzy Ultman, Chandler O’Leary and These Are Things. I can’t wait!

I’ll be printing my first collection of cards this week and will post the line as soon as they’re done, along with some freelance projects I’ve recently finished. Stay tuned!


Highly addictive summer florals from Leifsdottir get me excited for dresses and nice weather. See more of the collections here.

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